Pricing And Procedures

Take advantage of our 'start-up' Internet Plan.



Domain Name Your own company name, www.YourCompanyName.com or .net or .org (if available) will be your address on the Internet. You can use this name as your address on the internet and print it on your brochures and business cards and refer your customers who need to know more about your company to this address. Yes
Website We will provide you with predefined pages displaying all types of information that you provide us about your company. You will be able to display your products, prices, specifications, and services with details for your clients to view all over the world. Up to 12 pages
Digital Photos We will scan regular photographs or use the digital photographs which you provide, and integrate them in your web site. Up to 10 photos
Hosting Services We will host your site for a period of 1 year under our supervision in order to ensure that your web site is active and available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Yes
Unlimited E-mail forwarding You will get your own company e-mails forwarded to your existing e-mail account such as hotmail, yahoo or any other e-mail address that you might already be using. Yes
Exclusive Hosting We will host your site exclusively for a period of 1 year, giving you the entire hosting information enabling you to access your web site statistics such as the number of visits per month and many other reports relating to the usage and traffic on your site. Yes
Individual E-mail Address (POP 3) You will get a number of dedicated individual e-mail addresses for you and your employees with your company's name such as YourName@YourCompanyName.com. To use instead of Hotmail or other public addresses, giving you a better identity and image. You can access your mail anywhere in the world through our Web Mail service or your e-mail software such as MS Outlook. Yes